<CAC_LAB> is currently engaged in a long term research project which involves the development of a mixed reality, immersive and interactive platform that uses virtual and/or augmented reality, position and motion tracking, neuro-feedback (EEG – brainwaves) and wearable technologies, in order to enable new forms of artistic practices and narratives. This initiative is born from a mix of various of our main lines of research (emotive networks & haptic gaming, generative art & big data, intelligent audiovisual systems, existential technologies, it from bit) and has evolved its own sub-research areas. This year our fellowship aims to host an artist whose project inquires in one or more of the areas listed bellow:

A) Virtual / Augmented Reality: Within the scope of our research, we are interested in exploring alternative ways of engaging with the more conventional applications of VR and AR by rethinking our current understanding of digitalized visual representations of reality.

B) The Digital Brain: With the emergence of accessible and portable electroencephalographic technologies the possibility of having brain-computer-interfaces applications in the arts has become a major field of interest. Currently we are dedicated to the exploration of ways of classifying, interpreting and representing brain data through artistic practice.

C) Wearable Computing and Physical Interfaces: Interacting with digital layers of represented data is always a challenge for art installations and responsive environments. This particular line of research is concerned with the creation of wearable controllers and physical objects which enable interactions between humans and digital content.

D) Sensory Immersion: Representing digital data in non-visual ways is often a challenge. We are interested in exploring ways of translating digital content into experiences beyond the conventional audiovisual forms; experimental audio, haptic and olfactory feedback being a few examples of these.

Weight of Insomnia by LIU Xiaodong 2016


Accumulated Memory Landscapes by Fito_Segrera 2015