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How can we perceive History?

Starting from this question, the work explores important developments in technology, science, art and culture by creating a "time - sculpture", which works with the idea of a dynamic archive combined with the principle of natural stratification.

By doing so, it creates a sculpture that scrutinises human time - perception and history and takes as an approach to transfer history's artificial timeframes into a scale, perceivable by humans.




Find below the test video of my prototype – three of the four processes are combined (freezing, collecting, pushing). In the next step the last process (a collector for the molten water) will be added. In the video you see a time-lapse of 6h, the ice grows about 10cm.


Ice grow test from Daniel Franke on Vimeo.


01. Final Parts
Custom-made and 3d printed parts. The whole printing process took about 35h and was spitted in five different parts, which where later glued together. The part will be assembled inside of an aluminium tube and holds the freezing-unit (see the last post).



02. Process-Updates


drawing for the collector-unit

a teflon layer was glued onto the piston, so that
the ice won't stick to it after freezing


The Image below shows a simulation of one of the four processes of the machine the Freezing Unit. The model was used as a construction plan. A copper pipe is bend around a tube to create a spiral, which is isolated from outside and connected via flexible tubes to a modified freezer. That allows a cooled liquid (-10° C) to be pumped to the spiral to freeze the ice core inside of the tube. You can find below each step of building process of the different parts for the prototype.




Final Prototype "Freezing Unit"




Modified Freezer



Insulated Flexible Tube



Copper Spiral