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Andrej Boleslavský


Hide & Seek is an experimental mixed reality game for multiple players. The project playfully explores disparity of perception within the real space and a digital space. It is inspired by an old game known to many ancient cultures where a blindfolded player is trying to find its opponents. When successful, the roles switch.

The player is blindfolded by the VRheadset displaying an abstract representaion of the surrounding world mixed with identical visual objects that are simulated or recorded. The goal of the player inside the VR is to identify which of the abstract objects actually belongs to a real person. The goal of the players outside of VR is to stay unnoticed for as long as possible.

The project investigates in depth the relationship of the real space and virtual space. What do they have in common? How are they connected and where do they disconnect? How does digital technology enhance or suppress our senses? The player in VR could be overloaded by stimuli at one point of the game, in another he or she can gain night vision, when the light in the real space gets turned off, the players outside of VR find himself in darkness unable to see, while the player in VR may not even notice the difference as the motion capture technology works outside of human visible spectrum with its own light sources.

About the artist

Andrej Boleslavský is an independent artist purposing technology in the fields of new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing. His work also maintains a strong fascination with the entanglement of nature and technology. He has developed many interactive installations and lectured on open source software, programming platforms VVVV and Arduino. He lately exhibited at Editions of Light Vol.II (Prague), Poolloop festival (Zürich), Signal festival (Prague), Designblok ’14 (Prague), 3D print show in New York and WRO festival in Wroclaw. In addition to his work he is actively involved in technological solutions for other Czech and foreign artists, for instance in installation for Expo Milano 2015.